About us

Hansa Terra GmbH
Hansa Terra is a developer, owner and manager of commercial and residential Real Estate. We service private investors, institutional professionals and public communities Our operating principles are driven by the philosophy to develop unique properties. Through excellent design and efficient execution we improve property values and generate stable cash-flows. Frank M. Kutschera, founder and CEO of Hansa Terra, has since completing engineering and architecture university in Brunswick in Germany, and thereafter Graduate studies in Architecture and Real Estate at Harvard, USA worked with renowned international Architects Engineers and Developers to successfully develop urban spaces.

We build

  • Suburban- Supermarkets, Specialty Retail Outlets
  • Apartment Buildings, Lofts and Villas in Urban Centres
  • Mixed-use park complexes

in Western and Eastern Europe with current projects in Hamburg, Berlin, and Prag.

Hansa Terra GmbH cooperates with internationally renowned Architects such as Professor W. Nägeli as well as the in-house team K&K Architects and thus combines the highest standards in Architecture with commercial and political constraints.